By: JM Website Connoisseur
Posted: 08/5/09 at 5:28 pm

Larson Dental Laboratory creates and manufactures a large variety of dental aesthetics. JM Web Designs was therefore tasked to create a very streamlined and professional image for them, as the dental industry tends to have a long sales process. Bringing people to a comfortable feeling with a product is more difficult that merely naming its features; we also needed to communicate the Larson is a brand that is molded to 20th century standards of beauty and comfort.

Through the site design, JM wanted to represent Larson Dental’s trust, credibility, and quality. We used soft tones and lines, while making the navigation simple and clear. If you have ever even considered dental work, plan to stop in at Larson Dental and they will give you the best pan of action for your smile!

Larson Dental

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