By: JM Website Connoisseur
Posted: 08/13/09 at 11:32 am

JM Web Designs is excited to launch Ann’s Music World to the Internet.  There were some new challenges to face, as the ownership of Ann’s Music is incredibly busy and devoted to their customers, thus leaving us with new, added responsibilities that we had previously entrusted to our customers.   This lead to a new, unique service offered now to each of our clients:  JM is now able to write the content of your web site for you!

Ann’s Music also needed some other special features, such as:

  • Online Contact Form
  • Online Registration form for Renting both Strings and Band Instruments
  • Promotions for Lessons and other special Deals offered by the client
  • Google Maps embedded into the website for tracking location of business

We encourage you to visit Ann’s Music World today and experience the vast array of options they offer their customers.  Whether you need a reed or are learning to play the piano, Ann’s Music can make you great!

Ann's Music World

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