By: JM Website Connoisseur
Posted: 01/19/11 at 10:31 am

JM recently helped a local Omaha entrepreneur, Anthony Keefe, open the doors of his new online business, Qualitas MTS. Qualitas offers companies affordable and convenient laboratory testing in a variety of different areas including soil, sludge and compost; environmental, animal food, food and water.

The Qualitas MTS site is built through an Interspire Shopping Cart System which offers Keefe complete control of his website content and product selection from an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Through a series of customizations, the Qualitas shopping cart allows clients to order tests individually or in mass quantities along with composite testing, while keeping track of each individual sample through ID numbers and descriptions.

According to Keefe, Qualitas is the first business of its kind. He has, so far, felt a positive response from businesses who want affordable testing from quality laboratories. With a background in lab testing, Keefe knows that offering testing through the convenience of ordering online will save many companies valuable time and resources.

Our team at JM wishes Qualitas great success!

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