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JM to become your essential resource helping you and your business exceed unrealized potential.


JM Web Designs will do whatever it takes to help our customers grow their business by implementing the highest-quality Internet driven technology into custom built products and solutions. This is accomplished by maximizing our resources to develop a strong, integrity-driven company that engages the community as well as creating and nurturing relationships that endure.


  • Service - We will do whatever it takes for our clients; guiding them to discover what tools they require to help their business thrive and not allowing them to spend excess money on bells and whistles they don't need. We will provide training and support so that clients always feel confident with their web service, and for those that prefer a "hands-off" approach, we will perform every detail.
  • Integrity - JM Web Designs refuses to participate in any unethical or dishonest business conduct. We will not cut corners on work or skimp on necessary expenditures because, even though our customers may not see us do that, our character behind closed doors is vital to providing our clients with outstanding products and services.
  • Growth - We believe the people that choose to work at JM Web Designs are talented professionals who bring their expertise to our team and therefore our clients. We will empower each employee by providing the resources and mentoring necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally.
  • Innovation - We strive to develop, discover, and apply the best tools and technology to service our clients' needs. Whether it is learning a new form of web code or creating a custom web application, JM Web Designs is committed to staying ahead of the curve.
  • Originality - Our website designs are fresh and original to meet our clients' specific requirements. Just as our customers strive to differentiate themselves in their industry, JM Web Designs will be unique with each and every web site.
  • Strategy - At JM Web Designs, we know where we want to go and how we want to get there. We believe in our mission and our goals, and stay true to them for our success. This means that our customers can trust that we will stick to what we do best and not make unrealistic promises that we cannot deliver with the highest quality.
  • Honesty - We promise to deliver on everything we say and to hold ourselves accountable to our established, industry leading high standards.