Andy Ott

It's not gambling if you know you're right

With a strong background in Customer Service and Sales, Andy Ott, business development, brings charisma and experience to the JM team. For over five years, Andy has developed his skills in client service and customer relations in sales and uses his experience at JM to bring in new, lasting clients.

As a business developer, Andy's first priority is to get to know you and your business. Through this initial stage of exploration, he assists in developing goals for your site and formats a proposal based on your needs. Through building a strong relationship with clients, Andy ensures your website will be efficient and affordable.

Andy is an active member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and other groups in the Omaha-Metro area. In his free time, he also enjoys playing and watching sports and is a former assistant baseball coach at his alma mater, South Sioux City High School, where he coached for four years.


South Sioux City, Nebraska


  • Baseball
  • Traveling
  • Nerdy Podcasting

Bucket List

  • Visit every MLB ballpark
  • See All 50 States
  • Learn another language

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Andy Ott