German Ljutaev

German Ljutaev

German Ljutaev

German Ljutaev brings almost 10 years of web design experience to our team. With an education in foreign language and literature, and work experience in television editing, sound design and advertising – he never anticipated design in his future. He believes that our profession often chooses us; not that we choose our profession. This is how he came to be a web designer.

He sees a website, and really all design, as an opportunity to create something unique and new… and better than what was there before. Controlling moods, colors, proportions and measurements to convey a message, look and feel is what German really enjoys most about his job.

In his personal time, German loves archery, photography and movies. He also has a wife and a new daughter, who he takes great joy in.


Izmail, Ukraine


  • Archery
  • Photography
  • Anime

Bucket List

  • Raise Children
German Ljutaev