John Campisi

John Campisi

John Campisi

Always Strive to Push the Envelope.

Though creative design is his passion, John Campisi has developed into a strong company leader with many years of experience under his belt. Since taking over as JM's President in 2004, John has built and streamlined the process of web development into an efficient and fast experience for your company.

By initiating a step-by-step approval process, he assures that you will not only get the site you need to dominate your competition, but also enjoy the process. By involving you, the client, in the creative process, your company's true image will flow from the design of your new site.

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, he is able to ensure that you will get your web site completed efficiently, beautifully, and powerfully.


Omaha, Nebraska


  • Being a Father
  • Cooking
  • Fishing

Bucket List

  • Own a Business
  • Sail the World
  • Leave a Legacy

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