Jonathan Patton

Jonathan Patton

Jonathan Patton

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Jonathan Patton knows the meaning of hard work and personal sacrifice; these qualities are imperative to starting a company and flourishing it over time.

Since founding JM Web Designs in 1998 at the age of 14, Jonathan has lived his life above reproach with his ethics, relationships, and successes. He leads the team that will grow your business through an extensive list of vital online services that lay a solid foundation for your company and improve your bottom-line value.

Recognized as a leader in the web industry, his inspiring story has been told at numerous corporate events. He is excited to bring experience, determination and success to your company.


Bellevue, Nebraska


  • Workaholic
  • Being a Family Man
  • Agriculturalist

Bucket List

  • Become a Pilot
  • Inspire and Help Other Entrepreneurs
  • Live Sustainably off the Land

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Jonathan Patton