Megan Patton

Megan Patton

Megan Patton

Dr. Seuss Was Right

Through utilizing her skills, knowledge and desire to learn, Megan Patton has developed a wide range of responsibilities in all departments of JM. From tech support, to marketing, Megan is focused on making sure JM is running smoothly and its clients are comfortable and happy.

Megan has over six years of customer service experience and knows that going above and beyond is always a priority when dealing with JM's clients. Her role is important among JM's employees and clients and values her relationships with both.

Megan's favorite job is being a mom for her three beautiful girls, BrookLynn, Laila and Chloe.


Omaha, Nebraska


  • Gardening
  • Raising Chickens
  • Debating

Bucket List

  • Co-found JM Island
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Become Grandmother

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Megan Patton