Sergey Sagirov

Sergey Sagirov

Sergey Sagirov

No matter how good or bad things are, it can always be better.

Sergey Sagirov is JM's senior website developer. When we say "if you dream it, we can make it", we really mean it. Sergey is the individual that can make your impossible...possible.

Serving in the marines, Sergey learned strict discipline and perseverance, which he applies to his work every day. Starting off as a website coder in 2006, he slowly transitioned into a fully dynamic, experienced and interactive PHP programmer by 2009. His growth over the short years has been nothing short of remarkable. He is responsible for performing the "heavy lifting" here at JM and is responsible for developing websites that require thousands of hours and uncountable lines of code.

He has been married to his lovely wife Irina for 3 years. They have recently been blessed with a healthy son named Arseniy in 2011.


Nikolaev, Ukraine


  • Reading books
  • Playing online games
  • Spending time with wife and son
  • Trucks & Jeeps

Bucket List

  • Have a daughter
  • Build dream home
  • Skydive
Sergey Sagirov