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Web Site Launch | Omaha’s Hair Choice Defines Trendiness with new Web Site

JM Web Designs’ most recent launch is special because it is the second web site we’ve created for Omaha’s Hair Choice.  As they already were a current client, we had a distinct advantage in that JM and OHC already have a long term, close working relationship, thus making the effort much more enjoyable and the outcome significantly more powerful.


Web Site Launch | The Sarpy County Government Makes Life Simpler with New Web Site

JM Web Designs is excited to unveil this web site – the greater the challenge, the more satisfying it is when we overcome it.  The issue with Sarpy County (as is with most larger institutions) is that there is so much information to convey to the public, the web site can very easily grow too large and become impossible to navigate.  There is no such problem with Sarpy County’s new site.


JM Published in Omaha Chamber of Commerce Magazine Thanks to Microsoft Case Study

JM Web Designs was recently published in the Omaha Chamber‘s 2009 “Extraordinary Opportunities” magazine, highlighting owner Jonathan Patton’s journey as its founder and the case study about JM published by Microsoft.  The magazine is sent out to companies around the world to show that Omaha is a great location to have a business.