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JM Web Designs’ President Asked to Serve on Board for Iowa School Programming

JM Web Designs’s President and Creative Director, John Campisi, is now serving on the business/marketing curriculum advisory committee for Area Education Agency 13 (AEA 13).  The committee is serving 31 high schools in Southwest Iowa and Campisi’s involvement, along with other local business leaders, is making it possible for the school to receive grant money.


Web Site Launch | Omaha Executives Association Stands Out with New Web Site

JM is proud to introduce the Omaha Executives Association (OEA)’s fantastic new website. The new OEA site not only looks state-of-the-art but has many great backend features as well.   The OEA wanted to stand out in the region and nation as a high quality organization that stays ahead of the curve.  JM is excited to be one of the resources they used to reach that pinnacle.


Web Site Launch | Puritan Manufacturing Enters the Next Century of its Business with New Web Site

The staff here at JM is excited to launch the web site for Puritan Manufacturing for numerous reasons.  Not only is it a web site that we are proud to showcase, but it is one that provided us with some tough challenges.  During its creation, JM went through some turnover with our Account Managers, thus creating a bit of an unstable environment with Puritan.  Though, with a little extra grace from Puritan and some extra work from JM, we ended up developing a much better web site than we originally envisioned!