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So What? I Enjoy Hitting Myself on the Head with a Hammer!

As much as I would enjoy writing another column focused on undergarments, there is only so much material I can cover. Underwear, as one might say, is only part of the outfit. The question is, do you dress yourself, or does someone else pick out your clothes for you?


NET Radio Features JM’s Phil Stalnaker on Internet Marketing

At last week’s MarkeTech Conference, hosted by GROW Nebraska, JM’s VP of Marketing and Sales Phil Stalnaker spoke on Internet Profitability.  He was able to draw from his seven-plus years of marketing experience to teach small businesses how to maximize their presence on-line (more…)

Meet Julie May and Hear Her Thoughts About JM Web Designs

Julie May is a successful real estate agent for Prudential Ambassador Real Estate in Omaha.  She has been a client of JM’s since late 2008, and it has been a privilage to watch her success grow through a very tough economic recession.


What’s the Difference Between Underwear and a Website?

With such an obviously sensationalistic title as that, I better quickly give you a reason not to hate me and send threatening letters to my boss. Though it may not seem like it, there is definitely a method to my madness.  In my ever creative mind – which is a place that would make Stephen King an author for children’s books – I wanted to parley the importance of a website to your company’s credibility while at the same time not boring you to the point of squirting the toothpaste sitting in your medicine cabinet all over your face in an attempt to go blind.


From the Desk of the Marketing/Sales Vice President – Why We Blog

The effort and focus of JM Web Designs is to be the endless resource for you and your small business.  To that end, we work everyday to provide excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and professional results.


Blog Earns Frustrated Writer Notoriety and Purpose

So I spend an ample amount of time telling you the benefits of blogging from a business perspective. I’ve told you it can increase your search engine optimization, create an on-line community centered around your product/service and can even save you money.


JM Web Designs Receives Excellence in Business Award from Omaha Chamber

The Omaha Chamber of Commerce just announced JM Web Designs as a winner for their 2009 Omaha 25 Awards.  JM won in the category of Excellence in Business mainly because of their 73 percent growth rate in what proved to be a tough recession year.