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Responsive Design vs. Mobile Websites

Previously, we published an article here on our blog about responsive design. If you haven’t read it, please do, as it discusses what responsive design is and why it’s important. There may, however, be some confusion about the difference between mobile websites and websites utilizing responsive design.

First, we’ll do a quick recap of responsive design. A responsive design website is a single design that adjusts based on the resolution of the device in which you are using to view the site. When viewing the site across a desktop, tablet or mobile device you will see the same elements, but reorganized and resized to show the cleanest, most user- friendly version of the site for that device.


A mobile website is created in addition to the desktop website version. The site will have limited content and images – typically only what’s absolutely necessary for a user on the go – and eliminates other common desktop features. Mobile websites will also have a link to the full website, in case the user needs more information.


Both responsive design and mobile websites take time and planning. Our Omaha design and development team work together to ensure that each page is planned for the best user experience – for both types of websites. Just as with any custom design, the cost is completely customized to your needs and your website.

For our Omaha customers, we are recommending responsive design over mobile websites. This solution is the best way to ensure that users are getting the information they need while having the best possible experience. A responsive design is able to grow with changing technology and grow with your business. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective long-term solution for your website and we’d love to have the opportunity to discuss this possibility for you and your business.

New Website Launch: Omaha Pest Control


Our team recently launched a new website for Omaha Pest Control – a local Omaha residential and commercial service company with a trusted reputation. Omaha Pest Control previously had a website that did not display its services or professionalism well.


New Website Launch: 680 Maple Storage


Our team recently launched a new website for 680 Maple Storage, located in both Omaha and Council Bluffs. This website merges two previously separate sites – 680 Maple Mini Storage and 680 Maple Mobile Storage.  Upon arriving at the homepage, the user is directed into one area or the other depending on their need.


What is Responsive Design?


According to the research firm Gartner, tablet shipments have seen a significant increase between 2012 and 2013 (120 million units to 202 million units – up approximately 68 percent), and it expects them to see an even bigger growth between 2013 and 2014. Additionally, traditional PC shipments are forecast to total 305 million units in 2013, a 10.6 percent decline from 2012.

So what does this mean for your Omaha business’ website? It means it must better adjust to these devices for a more user-friendly experience. The solution for this is responsive design, and more than ever before this is a needed solution for websites. We must begin to think beyond the desktop and craft designs that anticipate and respond to your users’ needs.

solutions-responsive-banner-artResponsive design allows for a website design to resize, or adjust, based on a devices’ resolution. The best way to understand it is to see it. Recently, our team at JM built a responsive design for the Siouxland Chamber Flexible images and fluid grids size correctly to fit the screen. Because of a change in user trends we are now designing for a medium that has no fixed dimensions, a medium that can shape-shift to better suit its environment.

Responsive design is about seamlessly displaying content across multiple platforms and helping businesses build more attractive sites to increase their sales through a better user experience. Our Omaha design and development team are ready to assist your Omaha business in updating your website to include responsive design. Each year, mobile and tablet users will increase and your website needs to be conducive to these visitors.

Basics of Website Marketing

Let’s say you’ve already contacted JM Web Designs and our team has worked with you and your Omaha business to build a beautiful and functional new website design. Now what? It’s time to use this powerful tool to market your company effectively and efficiently.

Many companies build a new website then struggle with next steps. Business owners anticipate that a new website will market itself and leads will come pouring in. Well, this is just not the case. In order for a website to work effectively as a marketing tool, it must be marketed.

You can begin with a few easy steps that will ensure your clients, prospects and those you contact on a daily bases know you have a company website. By adding your website domain to an email signature, voicemail recording, business front door, business card and brochures you’re marketing your business and your website.

One potentially powerful way to drive business to your website is to run a TV or radio commercial that mentions your website. Many Omaha businesses choose to purchase a specific domain to track the ad’s success through Google Analytics. For instance, if you are a local Omaha contractor your domain might be, however you might run an ad using This will point to the main company domain, but you would be able to track how many users typed in the domain from your advertisement – therefore, tracking the visitors from the radio or TV ad.

A website is a great way to brand a business. It should reflect a company’s atmosphere – as a brick a mortar store would – portrays products and services through quality images, and speaks to the company and its employees’ credibility. Marketing your website is a great way to market your entire company and increase your bottom line.

New Website Launch: RD Industries


JM is excited to announce the launch of a new website for RD Industries. RD Industries is the global leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Closed Loop chemical containment and dispensing systems, located in Omaha. Being a company that is internationally recognized for their products and service, the RD team came to JM to help portray an international and professional look on the web.


New Website Launch: Four Points Federal Credit Union


Four Points Federal Credit Union needed to display a more polished and professional look on their site, so they hired JM to assist. Our design team took the current brand for Four Points and polished it up to create a cleaner, easy to use website.


New Website Launch: Nebraska Machine Products

Nebraska Machine Products

Nebraska Machine Products needed a new website in order to display a large amount of information about their equipment for customers and prospects. Recently, we launched a new website design for Nebraska Machine Products which incorporates a clean and functional design to help display this large amount of information.


Using Google Analytics to Track Website Success


Our team at JM spends a significant amount of time consulting Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool we include in each website, which helps measure the success of a website’s design, content and layout.

Analytics provides a detailed account of users – where they live, how they found your website, what devices they are using and what pages they visited. Here are some ways you can use user trends to determine the current quality of your site:

–       What geographical location are your visitors primarily from? If you are a local, Omaha business it would be ideal for your visitors to be from Omaha or the surrounding area. If your users are coming from San Francisco and you’re a local Omaha business, maybe you need to reevaluate your website’s content, page titles and Google places account.

–       How did your visitors find you? If your users typed in your website URL directly into the browser, this indicates excellent brand recognition. This is particularly helpful when using a specific URL for an ad campaign. Using a specified URL for an ad campaign can help you measure its success.

–       What devices are your visitors using? As technology rapidly changes, tracking the devices which your visitors are using is valuable knowledge for getting to know your target audience and for making sure your website is user-friendly for those devices. If high traffic volume is coming from a mobile device, it’s best to evaluate how your website functions within that particular resolution. JM recently started offering responsive design services to ensure your website is user-friendly across all devices.

–       What pages are users visiting? Google analytics goes into extensive detail about where users are going on a website. It shows top pages, how long users stayed there and what they clicked while on a given page. This information will help you assess the quality of information on your site. Is it informative? Interesting? Are users appropriately following the call to action (meaning where you would like them to go and how you would like them to make contact)?

This is just the beginning of what Google analytics can offer. Our team can not only install analytics on your website but help review the data and analyze action items to ensure your website is reaching your target audience.


New Website Launch: Fort Calhoun


Our team at JM recently launched a new website for Fort Calhoun Community Schools. Fort Calhoun Community Schools’ previous website was lacking in website design and functionality, making it difficult to communicate with teachers, students and parents.