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New Website Launch: House of Mufflers


JM is excited to announce the launch of a new website for House of Mufflers – one of Omaha’s biggest and most well-known car care experts. With a great reputation in the Omaha Metro Area, House of Mufflers needed a website design that would portray their professionalism and provide customers with a large amount of information in a simple manner.


Giving Prospects a Compelling Reason to Believe

With an ever-increasing amount of competition, for many businesses, the Internet is a difficult place to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re business is a local Omaha company or nation-wide, competition in the search engines can be tough to overcome. What will cause a customer to give their businesses to your company over your competitor? There are several key items to implement into your website can in order to give prospects a compelling reason to believe your company is the best.

One of the first items on the list should be, of course, a beautiful and functional website design. Your website should depict the same atmosphere as an inviting and friendly storefront. With less than 30 seconds to capture a user’s attention, inviting graphics, quality images and a clear call to action on your website can invite users to learn a bit more about your product, services and people.

The most powerful way to gain prospects’ business is through providing a dramatic difference. Through design and content, show what sets your company’s services and products apart from your competition. Often, a company’s dramatic difference is its people. By showcasing a talented and dedicated staff with a prominent mission statement and values they all adhere to – your website has a greater potential of reaching your target.

Giving users a compelling reason to believe your company is the right choice is a key component in turning prospects into customers on the web. So, first things first – upgrade your website design to reflect a welcoming store front. Then, partner a great website design with showcasing your dramatic differences and you may see real success in a competitive online marketplace.

New Website Launch: Omaha Beer Fest



JM has been working with Urban Events, Inc., for several years – partnering with Founder Jen Kocher to provide branding materials and websites for its events. Recently, JM launched a brand new website for one of Kocher’s events – the Omaha Beer Festival.


New Website Launch: Total Construction Services


Total Construction is a trusted source in the Omaha area for restoration, roofing and remodeling needs. With a wide array of services and a whole lot of experience, Total Construction needed to incorporate all these things into a professional website design.