JM Web Designs: Reflecting on 2014


At JM, we can’t believe another year is about to pass. As we approach the end of 2014 and begin 2015, we are recounting all we’re thankful for; and all the challenges we’ve encountered, the clients we’ve gained and the services we’ve expanded on.

This year our Omaha website design and web development team was stretched, taking on extensive projects; including customized ecommerce systems and learning new features and plugins within our robust content management system – WordPress. Our projects have led us to new programming feats, new software implementations and new ecommerce solutions. Our clients’ innovative and unique businesses have provided us with countless learning opportunities.

And while we have always boasted expertise in the website design and development field, our Omaha web design clients are now expanding their reach into search engine optimization (SEO) and responsive design. Our SEO services were launched last year and have peaked an interested in many of our current customers. Additionally, responsive design has taken off this year; and we anticipate it will be a must-have for every website design in the near future.

Additionally, this year our client base has expanded 25% in the year 2014. We are so thankful for the customers we’ve gained this year, the ones we’ve retained and the opportunities for growth we’ve experienced. Our entire team truly enjoys serving Omaha and all our web design, internet marketing and hosting clients. We know our success lays in your trust and your willingness to refer your friends and colleagues. So cheers to a happy new year and another year of serving you!

New Website Launch: iSkate Omaha


iSkateOmaha is a local Omaha resources for those interested in or passionate about ice skating. Its mission is to promote ice skating and provide people with skating gear, equipment, services and gifts. While iSkateOmaha has a local brick and mortar store, they recently decided to build an ecommerce website to provide these resources in an online market place.


Dundee Data Gains Leads for Targeted Mailing Lists Through SEO


Dundee Data has been a client of JM for several years. Brought on as a referral by another long-time customer and friend of JM, Dundee Data has partnered with our team for custom web design, content writing, WordPress content management system and search engine optimization services.

Dundee Data serves a nation-wide market for targeted mailing lists and marketing leads, but is based in Omaha. Their team is highly skilled in helping businesses reach new customers through collecting up-to-date targeted lists for both paper mailing and email marketing. Not only will their targeted mailing lists help bring in prospects, but their years of experience can help any business execute a successful marketing campaign to these targeted leads.

And while we’ve worked to upkeep the general functionality and design of Dundee Data’s website, our primary work includes search engine optimization (SEO). In an effort to be better found in an online market place, our team optimizes their website for targeted keywords through content and code, so that those looking for targeted mailing lists and targeted marketing leads will find Dundee Data.

To learn about SEO and why companies like Dundee Data are seeing such success from it, watch our SEO video.

New Website Launch: Gym & I


JM is thrilled to have recently partnered with a brand new company, Gym&I, in building a website for their web-based business. Founder, Lindsey Andersen, and her husband John worked closely with our creative team to build this beautiful custom website, launching her dream of helping people stay healthy and active.


Branding Consistency in Website Design

The golden arches are recognized by consumers of all demographics. I am, of course, talking about the golden arches of McDonalds – a company whose branding has been so consistent and brilliant that a simple ‘m’ can cause our taste buds to travel back in time to our 5 year-old self, eating a Happy Meal.

Branding. It’s key to the longevity and success of any company. And while its importance is understood and its consistency has proven time and time again to bring loyal customers and profitability, many Omaha companies come to JM with little-to-no branding – and rarely with consistency.

Web Design is an integral part of a company’s brand. Starting with a logo and other graphic design pieces, any company can portray their culture and mission through design. Using consistent colors, fonts and design elements can create consistency in a brand and top-of-mind recognition among consumers – just like the golden arches.

Traditional marketing materials like a flyer gives your digital marketers a taste for the flavor of your brand.
A home page redesign should be consistent with your brand to reinforce your most important assets.

New Website Launch: Nox-Crete


JM is excited to announce the launch of a brand new website design and ecommerce system for Nox-Crete out of Omaha. This national company increased their online presence and accessibility through introducing a robust, WordPress ecommerce system partnered with a clean and functional design.


New Responsive Website Launch: Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics


Capitol School of Hairstyling & Esthetics came to JM with the need of updating its website design, functionality and accessibility. As a growing school and business in Omaha, Capitol seeks to accommodate students and the public, and those at home and on the go.