New Website Launch: BMI & DXE


Brown’s Medical Imaging (BMI) and Digital Xray Equipment (DXE) of Omaha are two sister companies seeking to showcase a professional and cutting edge presence online. Both companies are focused on providing the latest and best technology for its customers and JM recently launched a new website that should aid in that effort.


New Website Launch: Superior Metal Products, Inc.


Superior Metal Products, Inc., in Omaha is a long-time client of JM. Many years ago, JM built their previous website; but as the years passed Superior Metal experienced significant growth and change. With increasing competition and an increasing importance for an updated online presence, JM recently launched a new, updated website for this company.


Online Calendars for Keeping Customers Informed

Many of our latest website projects include online calendars built into and managed through a content management system. Websites should be a source of information regarding one’s business, products and services – and all the day-to-day activities or sales that surround it. There’s no easier way to do this than to integrate calendar onto a website.

At JM, our website developers provide Omaha businesses with customized online calendars. This ranges from completely custom online calendars to pre-built WordPress plugins customized to a business’ needs. Here are a few reasons why some of our Omaha clients integrate calendars into their website:

  • To feature sales on an ecommerce website
  • To feature in-store sales
  • To feature upcoming sporting events, shows, meetings
  • For online registration, through which users can sign up and pay for events
  • For reservations
A front-end view of a customized WordPress calendar for Spikers Volleyball.
A front-end view of a customized WordPress calendar for Spikers Volleyball.

There are many reasons why a business would need an online calendar. With the increasing amount of people seeking information on-the-go through websites, it’s important that businesses keep their website accessible and updated with the latest information regarding events and sales. This on-going and affordable way to keep communication between businesses and customers/prospects is what allows businesses to be successful and thriving online and in-store.


Omaha’s House of Mufflers See Success in Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique which helps search engines find and rank a site, among the millions of sites utilizing similar keywords and phrases. Users tend to visit sites near the top of search engine rankings, so good placement is key to success on the Internet. In 2012, JM began offering SEO services to our Omaha customers to help them market the beautiful websites we were giving them.

We thought it was about time to share a success story of one of our SEO clients – House of house of mufflersMufflers and Brakes. House of Mufflers and Brakes started with JM’s SEO services in May of 2013. At that time, they were struggling being found in the search engines. After redesigning their website, we launched an ambitious SEO campaign centered around the key phase “auto service Omaha.”

At that time, House of Mufflers and Brakes was not being found in the search engine for this keyword/phrase. After 12 keyword-focused blog posts, updating the website’s tags, titles and descriptions, and careful monitoring of progress on Google, they are now #1 on Google for auto service Omaha. They have held this ranking since February 2014, but continue to see success at #1.

We are excited to help contribute to the success of House of Mufflers and Brakes, and we know that their new-found SEO success will help this family-owned Omaha business grow and better serve the community.


New Website Launch: Best Carpet Cleaning


Best Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in Omaha needed an online presence that would help it stand out from the competition. Through an updated design, clear call to action and easy-to-find service list, our design team is confident that this new website design will help Best Carpet bring in prospects.


SEO Explained in 90 Seconds

When it comes to your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is most likely a term you’ve heard thrown around. Many Omaha business owners know SEO is important, but are unsure of how it will benefit their bottom line and how to get started with an SEO campaign for their site.

Our team at JM is on a mission to help Omaha businesses understand SEO and how the value of a solid strategy can help with any company’s online marketing efforts. A good online presence starts with a beautiful and functional website design. Then, the next step is to hire an experienced SEO team with a comprehensive strategy to assist in marketing your product or services through the use of quality content and Google-friendly methods.

As part of our mission to educate Omaha on SEO, we’ve put together a short video explaining what SEO is, our methodology and how it can benefit any business. Please watch and share! We look forward to your feedback.



New Website Launch: Omaha Federal Credit Union


Our website design and development team is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Omaha Federal Credit Union. When it comes to banking, there are many choices in Omaha; and in order to stand out, Omaha FCU needed to update their website design and website functionality to stay relevant in the online marketplace.


JM Client, Omaha POA, Receives National Media Coverage

Recently, Omaha has been featured in national media – CNN, Fox New, Info Wars and other media outlets – for a posting made on the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) website. JM worked with OPOA to design and build its website, and ever since we’ve watched their user base and impact in the community grow.

The particular post receiving recent publicity is difficult to watch and contains disturbing content. But this post is one of several that go out weekly from the OPOA educating the community and police force about local, Omaha criminals, avenues for help and laws that impact Omaha citizens. Using a robust WordPress content management system, OPOA posts news articles, podcasts and videos for the purpose of educating and informing the Omaha community. JM also serves OPOA’s web hosting needs. Our reliable web hosting has supported over 150,000 website visitors within a 24 hour period.

It’s encouraging to see our clients utilize the powerful online tools we give them. A website can allow businesses and organizations to be a formative part of a community, an influential source of knowledge and a resource for anyone in need of a service.