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JM Customers to Receive Free Google Analytics Reports

Our Omaha web design firm is fortunate to many customers with high-performing websites and who desire to see their website to continue to produce successful leads and business in the years to come. So, as an added benefit for all JM’s customers, we will be offering free Google Analytics monthly reports.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which helps measure and track the success of a website’s design, content and layout. This report contains information regarding website visitor trends and website page views. By analyzing the data provided by Google, we are able to assess a website’s overall performance and make design, functionality and internet marketing recommendations.

These monthly reports will show the number of visitor sessions throughout the month, indicating high and low points of visitation. This can be helpful in tracking marketing efforts during which you direct people to your website. It can also help us evaluate if additional efforts need to be made to send users to your website, in the form of Google AdWords or Google Remarketing.


It will also show how visitors are finding your website – whether from directly typing in the website URL, from a third party website, on a mobile device, on a desktop, etc. By knowing how visitors come to a website, our Omaha web design team can make sure user experience is maximized through responsive design technology. It can even provide insight into additional efforts your making elsewhere to direct users to your website.


Lastly, the report will show your 10 most viewed pages. Each page has data on number of views, individual bounce rates and duration of time users spend on a page. This data can help our Omaha web development team asses the page content, the value of the page and user behavior.


To our current customers, this report will arrive via email at the beginning of each month. We hope that this added benefit of being a JM customer will provide growth and success for your business. It’s also our hope that you would reach out to our Omaha web design and development team with any questions regarding your analytics report, and you would continue to partner with us for your long-term website success.