New Website Launch: Accurate Locksmith’s of Omaha

Accurate Locksmiths of Omaha is a long-time customer of JM. After many years of using their custom website, they decided to update the design and technology to meet the needs of their customers.

Accurate Locksmith’s new website is built on a WordPress Content Management System and utilizes a pre-built WordPress template. This template is customized for Accurate Locksmiths and provides an affordable website solution for updating a website design with mobile-friendly technology.

We’re grateful for the continued trust and business of Accurate Locksmiths and hope this new website design and technology will allow them to better reach customers.

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Website Holiday Tip, Optimize Ecommerce Settings for Holiday Shoppers


Paying attention to even the smallest details on your ecommerce website will drive traffic, increase sales, and keep your customers happy this holiday season. The care that goes into each aspect of your store, marketing and support are important in gaining and closing website sales. So, before the holiday rush arrives, let’s make sure your website settings are set up for success.

Don’t be caught off-guard when your stock levels are low. You can set low and out-of-stock thresholds, and set up notifications if inventory is running low. During the busy shopping season, and depending on how quickly your products sell, you may want to increase the low stock threshold. Consider increasing to give shoppers an earlier warning that inventory is getting low.

Checkout settings should allow for efficiency and ease for customers. If possible, ensure guest checkout is available for users who do not want to create an account. Also, review the checkout settings for coupons. If you’re going to be offering coupon codes this year, you’ll want to make sure that setting is checked – or you may have some unhappy customers.

Make sure customer email notifications are in place. WooCommerce offers many email notifications that go directly to the customer – including on-hold orders, completed orders, refunded orders and customer notes. These emails can also be customized to fit branding. Keeping customers informed about your progress will create long-term, happy customers.

Implement store notices for effective communication. These notices can include holiday shipping cutoffs; sales, discounts, or other special offers; deadlines for redeeming coupons; or unexpected delays and issues. There are also cart notice extensions that allow in-cart messages for shoppers.

Call us at 402.292.7500 ext 102 for assistance in optimizing your ecommerce settings for the holiday season.

New Website Launch: Outdoor Tire is a new business started by seasoned tire professionals looking to provide their product directly to consumers with affordable pricing and excellent customer service. Seeing the growing opportunity to provide this product through an ecommerce website, exists to make consumers’ lives a bit easier when tire shopping.

Being a new business, JM’s Omaha design team first designed their logo and brand. The website is built on a WordPress Content Management System and uses a WooCommerce ecommerce plugin. The site is a pre-built WooCommerce template customized to fit their needs. It utilizes an advanced search plugin for better user experience, and a LiveChat feature to provide excellent customer service.

We wish great success with their new ecommerce business. Our Omaha web design team is excited to see it grow and succeed!

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Website Holiday Tip, Maximize Ecommerce Website Revenue with Simple Checkout Updates


Maximizing revenue with an optimal checkout process during the winter season is critical for your holiday sales. Shopping cart abandonment occurs when checkout is confusing, when users are forced to create an account and there are payment security concerns.

When shopping cart abandonment does occur, there is a WooCommerce plugin that can help recover 30% of revenue lost by abandoned carts. By sending email reminders to customers and guests, the plugin helps go for the close. However – why even get to cart abandonment? Let’s focus on some key ways you can improve your ecommerce website’s payment process and convert prospects into customers quickly and effectively.

Build trust with your customers for an effective online sale. Make sure your website makes clear your shipping and return policies – instead of leaving customers guessing. In the event that customers have questions, easy access to customer service is vital. Live Chat is an affordable and simple way to make sure customers can have their questions answered quickly so you don’t lose the sale.

Checkout obstacles are also detrimental to closing your online sales. We know you want to collect customer data. It’s helpful for marketing, support and research… but forcing customers to create accounts will cause lost sales this holiday season. Offer a guest checkout option to ensure completed sales.

Investing in mobile-friendly, responsive website technology is also going to help close online sales. If customers need to zoom in/enlarge the browser to click on the appropriate product, can’t read the text, cannot easily enter info in checkout fields or are waiting for pages to load… you’ve likely lost that sale. Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional – it’s a must-have, make-or-break, you-better-get-it-now decision for your business.

Lastly, offering more payment options may help close your online sales. WooCommerce offers a deposit extension which allows for monthly payment options, and PayPal offers a credit solution to merchants that comes at no risk to merchants. And during the holidays, everyone knows that monetary flexibility can be critical to closing a sale.

Having trouble closing online sales? Give us a call at 402.292.7500 ext. 102 to find out how we can optimize your website’s checkout process.

New Website Launch: ServiceMaster of Sarpy County


ServiceMaster of Sarpy County provides a variety of services to many Nebraska and Iowa counties. Our Omaha web design firm worked to provide an updated website design that’s mobile-friendly and would more easily show their variety of services.

This website is built on a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). After selecting a pre-built WordPress template, our Omaha web design and web development team customized it to fit ServiceMaster’s needs. This CMS also allows ServiceMaster to continually update and build their website with little hassle.

Best of luck to ServiceMaster with their new website and we look forward to watching how they grow with this powerful marketing tool.

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Happy Birthday to Us, JM Celebrates 19 Years in Business

November 2016 marks JM Web Designs 19th birthday! It’s hard to believe that 19 years old, a 14-year-old started a successful Omaha web design company that’s built hundreds of websites, provided countless jobs and served a multitude of Omaha businesses.

JM has been through many seasons and transformations, and today stands as a pillar for web design, web development and internet marketing in the Omaha-metro. With a 98% client retention rate, we will continue to serve and care-for our customers; providing them with websites and services that will increase their revenue and provide peace-of-mind.

We are incredibly grateful for our customers, our partners, our city and our loyal employees for 19 years for service. Thanks for trusting us with your websites, marketing efforts and web hosting. Cheer to 19 more years!