So I spend an ample amount of time telling you the benefits of blogging from a business perspective. I’ve told you it can increase your search engine optimization, create an on-line community centered around your product/service and can even save you money.

Now, I’d like to share a more personal aspect of blogging – a side that should, hopefully, inspire and excite you about your potential in the vast on-line realm of the blogosphere. To do this I’d like to refer to a fairly new movie – Julie and Julia.

For those of you who haven’t seen it – you should. This movie came from a book by Julie Powell, which was written based on her life-changing blogging experience.

Julie and her husband were living in Queens, New York, where she worked as a secretary. Her true passion was writing – and those of you who also share this passion, like me, know it’s difficult to find a steady, well-paying job in this field.

Julie’s other passion, besides writing, was cooking. From the time she was a little girl she admired Julia Child’s recipes and her ability to engage others through her energy and attitude toward cooking. So she decided to combine the two and set out on an audacious goal to complete 524 of Julia’s recipes in 365 days.

So not ever having followed through or completed anything in her life – Julie set her goal and started a blog to log her joys, disasters, hardships and successes, The Julie/Julia Project. Little did she know, her words were not being lost into the grand abyss of the black Internet hole, but were rather being followed by hundreds, if not thousands, of loyal readers who held her accountable to complete her goal.

The entire movie targets the monotony of life’s routine and is about the passion in each of us to be something more than a victim our own social circumstance, counteracting life’s trials by doing something that’s fulfilling.

For Julie, her blog was a release and a tool of empowerment. It gave her the joy and independence she wasn’t finding in her 9 to 5 and the confidence she lost when she wasn’t achieving her goal of being a published writer.
Julie reached out through her blog – essentially her food-focused daily thoughts and experiences – and was noticed. And really… who doesn’t want to be noticed?

She became a published author, a movie was made about her and she received world-wide notoriety. What can a blog do for you?