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A new web site has been launched by Craig Davis, chief creative officer at Publicis Mojo, called Brandkarma – the first site of its kind, utilizing social media to create a brand-centric platform.

This site is based on consumers’ social responsibly to share their brand experiences and the responsibility of businesses to treat their customers, employees and the planet with care, honesty and integrity. Brandkarma wants to ensure that brands receive the recognition they deserve for doing “good” and the proper repercussions for doing “bad.”

Brandkarma features 300 world-wide brands– including Walmart, Bounty, McDonald’s, ADIDAS and American Express – divided into over thirty different categories. Each brand is rated in different categories, which are represented visually through the Brandkarma flower, with both sizes and colors of petals being significant in the rating.

The categories pose the questions:

The Planet – how well does the brand treat the environment?
Customers – how well does the brand treat its customers with products and services?
Employees – how well does the brand look after its employees?
Suppliers – how well does the brand behave with its partners in the supply chain?
Investors – how well does brand look after shareholders?

Brandkarma is labeling their service as “social media with a motive.” The motives are to encourage brands to behave ethically and encourage consumers to make better purchasing decisions. By using the fastest growing, most consumer impacting forum today – social media – this web site is creating a web-based accountability program founded on ensuring business is done by the golden rule.

BrandKarma shows how social media is creating transparency in the branding market. Consumers are looking for quality, honesty and the most bang for their buck!

So get involved on Brandkarma, become an activist and fulfill your social responsibilities as a consumer. Telling the truth should bring you good karma, right?

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