Using Creativity in Website Errors

JM’s recently launched a new website and decided to take some extra creative liberty with a few items. One of which is the error 404 page. What’s an error 404? This is just a message letting the user know they were unable to communicate with the server. This can be caused by an incorrect URL, or a broken or out of date link.

Our creative mind, Dan Svoboda decided to add his own touch into our error 404 page to make it unique and fun. We’d love to know what you think!

JM’s Week of Downtown/Midtown Dining in Omaha

Omaha Downtown Dining

Last week JM’s designer, Dan Svoboda and I – Account Manager, Stephanie Effken – decided to go on a downtown/midtown Omaha restaurant tour. Since most of our day is spent critiquing websites, we figured we could channel that same energy toward food.

Our week consisted of the following stops:
Monday: Twisted Fork
Tuesday: Saigon Surface
Wednesday: Blanc Burger + Bottles
Thursday: Ingredient
Friday: M’s Pub

So, since we’re being critical, here’s the rundown on each stop.


Hsieh Delivers Inspiration and Motivation

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, released early copies of his new book Delivering Happiness, A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose to select bloggers – myself included.  The book was officially released to the public on Monday, June 7, but I had the entire week to release an honest review of this book.


What’s the Difference Between Underwear and a Website?

With such an obviously sensationalistic title as that, I better quickly give you a reason not to hate me and send threatening letters to my boss. Though it may not seem like it, there is definitely a method to my madness.  In my ever creative mind – which is a place that would make Stephen King an author for children’s books – I wanted to parley the importance of a website to your company’s credibility while at the same time not boring you to the point of squirting the toothpaste sitting in your medicine cabinet all over your face in an attempt to go blind.


From the Desk of the Marketing/Sales Vice President – Why We Blog

The effort and focus of JM Web Designs is to be the endless resource for you and your small business.  To that end, we work everyday to provide excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and professional results.


Blog Earns Frustrated Writer Notoriety and Purpose

So I spend an ample amount of time telling you the benefits of blogging from a business perspective. I’ve told you it can increase your search engine optimization, create an on-line community centered around your product/service and can even save you money.


JM Web Designs Goes Green with New Office

JM is proud to announce that our move into the new office is final and official!  One of the things that excite us most about the new office is our opportunity to go GREEN.  Some of our eco-friendly upgrades include new, energy efficient furnace/air conditioning system, bamboo flooring, energy saving lighting system, and water savers.


Omaha’s Best Dressed Nominee | Phil Stalnaker

Though he is marketing director for JM Web Designs, Phil Stalnaker wears many hats.  His roles include networking, business development, human resources, marketing, and sales.  He believes this is only possible by having such a great team of people around him, not only at JM, but also around Omaha through the numerous networking groups with which he is involved.  He earned a Masters’ Degree in 2007 in Business Management and has been given leadership positions in the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, his BNI Chapter, and the Sarpy Chamber of Commerce.


Omaha’s Best Dressed Nominee | John Campisi

Though creative design is his passion, John Campisi has developed into a strong company leader with many years of experience under his belt.  Since taking over as JM Web Design’s President in 2004, John has built and streamlined the process of web development into a pleasurable and fast experience for your company.