JM Customers to Receive Free Google Analytics Reports

Our Omaha web design firm is fortunate to many customers with high-performing websites and who desire to see their website to continue to produce successful leads and business in the years to come. So, as an added benefit for all JM’s customers, we will be offering free Google Analytics monthly reports.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which helps measure and track the success of a website’s design, content and layout. This report contains information regarding website visitor trends and website page views. By analyzing the data provided by Google, we are able to assess a website’s overall performance and make design, functionality and internet marketing recommendations.

These monthly reports will show the number of visitor sessions throughout the month, indicating high and low points of visitation. This can be helpful in tracking marketing efforts during which you direct people to your website. It can also help us evaluate if additional efforts need to be made to send users to your website, in the form of Google AdWords or Google Remarketing.


It will also show how visitors are finding your website – whether from directly typing in the website URL, from a third party website, on a mobile device, on a desktop, etc. By knowing how visitors come to a website, our Omaha web design team can make sure user experience is maximized through responsive design technology. It can even provide insight into additional efforts your making elsewhere to direct users to your website.


Lastly, the report will show your 10 most viewed pages. Each page has data on number of views, individual bounce rates and duration of time users spend on a page. This data can help our Omaha web development team asses the page content, the value of the page and user behavior.


To our current customers, this report will arrive via email at the beginning of each month. We hope that this added benefit of being a JM customer will provide growth and success for your business. It’s also our hope that you would reach out to our Omaha web design and development team with any questions regarding your analytics report, and you would continue to partner with us for your long-term website success.

Integrating LiveChat for Increased Efficiency and Sales

Live chat has been around for years, but it’s something Omaha business owners rarely Live-Chat-Newsletter-Graphicconsider implementing into their website. Why? It’s likely they think there’s a high cost associated with set up, and/or they think it’ll take too many resources to manage. And while this may have been the case many years ago, website live chat is easier than ever to add to your website.

Our Omaha web design firm has used LiveChat for years and it’s proven to increase efficiency and assist in making an initial quick connection with sale prospects. The nature of our business requires us to be in front of and away from our computers – so while we’re gone LiveChat delivers a message directly to our email when users leave a message. (You’d be surprised how many users would rather leave a quick message on LiveChat rather than fill out a contact form).

JM was recently added to LiveChat’s list of industry experts. LiveChat is customizable, provides reports and analytics, integrates easily with WordPress and is secure. We believe this can help increase our customer’s prospects, revenue and efficiency – as we’ve seen it work for us – and for only $299 we are offering LiveChat integration on your website. All you need to do is signup for LiveChat, provide JM with the login details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Interested in setting up LiveChat on your website? Call 402.292.7500 ext 102.

Protecting Your Website Against Vulnerabilities

Our Omaha web design and development team builds most websites on a WordPress platform. And while WordPress is widely known for its usability, ease for developers and security – there are security risks associated with websites, no matter the platform. For this reason, JM has recently started offering security packages for our WordPress customers.

Our security packages include plugin and WordPress core system upgrades whenever available, additional monitoring for suspicious activity and, should a hacker or virus enter your site, free cleanup from hackers and viruses. But we often hear, “I don’t think I need to be protected from this since we don’t store any sensitive information on our website.” This makes no difference to a hacker.

A recent article by Wordfence (a WordPress security plugin which JM uses to help protect our WordPress websites), indicates that in a recent survey over 60% of respondents didn’t know how attackers compromised their website. For those who did figure out how the attackers entered their website, plugins were the biggest vulnerability. As part of our security package we update plugins when available because of the associated security risks. WordPress core and plugin updates are often available because of new security patches that will help protect your website.


Our Omaha web hosting team has seen an increase in security threats over just the last several months. JM’s security package will not only prevent against vulnerabilities to your website for a small monthly fee, but will also save you many hundreds of dollars in website recovery if your website is hacked or infected. Call us at 402.292.7500 ext 102 for more information.

Omaha Web Hosting Company Sees Success with Spam Filter Service

Recently, JM made a huge switch that has proven to benefit our internal communication, as well as that of our email clients. In light of our previous spam filter company discontinuing service, our Omaha tech team decided to make the switch to MX Guard Dog for spam prevention. And boy, are we glad we did!

As our Omaha web design team (as well as our clients) have seen MX Guard Dog protects spam filter omahaemail accounts from Spam, viruses and Malware, among other things. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine in their network and users can receive a quarantine report containing recently stopped messages, or can view quarantined messages online in real-time.

Our company and web hosting/email hosting clients have seen a huge difference in the quality of emails being delivered to their inbox. MX Guard Dog blocked hundreds of thousands of spam emails with near perfect accuracy and decreased our web hosting server load – since the server never sees or processes these spam emails. On top of the excellent deliverables our clients have received through MX Guard Dog, we have been thankful for the excellent customer service and support provided by this company.

If you’re interested in web hosting or email hosting with JM, give our Omaha web design team a call for more information – and you too can see the great benefits of a quality spam filter.
Stop Spam with MX Guard Dog

Successful Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Omaha Businesses


Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies begin with diligent research. When our Omaha SEO team kicks off a new project we being with research. Getting to know our clients – their business, services and needs – allows us to narrow in on keywords and phrases to implement throughout our SEO plan.

Our tools and experience allow us to research keywords and make comparisons with related keywords in order to make educated and intentional decisions for your business. A solid keyword and strong supporting keywords makes for a successful SEO plan. Implementing this keyword into your website through several avenues – page content, blog posts, tags – allows us to meet Google content and code requirements for a successful SEO strategy.

Our blog and content writing service offered through our SEO packages provides relevant and frequent content, packed with keywords. By building relationships with our clients and gaining an understanding of their business, this allows our SEO team to write thoughtful blog articles on a monthly basis.

Many nation-wide services are reaching out to local, Omaha businesses in an effort to retain clients for their out-of-the-box SEO solutions. As a local, Omaha business, our desire is to make relationships with our clients and provide them honest feedback and methodical SEO strategies that will yield positive results.

Services to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Over the last few years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a service that’s become heavily sought after by Omaha businesses. SEO is activity to affect the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. This is also referred to as “natural” or “organic” results.

And while most business owners know they want and need to display better in organic search engine results, they are unsure of where to start. And this isn’t surprising, since businesses are likely overloaded with emails and phone calls from national SEO companies trying to gain their business.

Did you know that JM offers SEO services to Omaha businesses? Did you know that our SEO clients have achieved great success and increased business using our methodical and carefully researched approach?

Over the course of the next several weeks, through our blog, we’ll show you why JM’s SEO services are different than our competitors. Our process works and our team’s extensive experience and excellent customer service work to provide our customers with clear expectations that are met through diligent and methodical plans.

And while you anxiously await this blog series… go ahead and watch our video explaining our Omaha SEO services.

Helping Hands Utilizes Remarketing and SEO to Gain New Prospects

Helping Hands for Senior Plans has been a long-time client of JM. Several years ago JM provided Carol and Kurt Fricke with a new custom website for their Nebraska Medicare supplemental insurance business. Through the years, Kurt and Carol have seen great success with their website and decided to take a more active approach with online marketing.

Helping Hands for Senior Plans is utilizing JM’s search engine optimization (SEO) services. In an effort to exceed their competition in Google, our Omaha SEO team is optimizing the website for its primary key words through code and content, as well as running Pay-Per-Click and Google Remarketing campaigns. At JM, our SEO service provides consistent reports to track success, as well as regular website maintenance to ensure our websites continue to see success.

SEO is a long-term investment in a website and the reward can be great. Our Omaha web development team is excited to continue our partnership with Helping Hands and we look forward to seeing them into continued success in the future.

helping hands website

Total Construction Uses Responsive Technology and SEO Services to Gain Competitive Edge

As the online marketplace becomes more competitive and the factors of success are rapidly changing – many of JM’s web design clients are seeking to utilize our search engine optimization (SEO) services. One such Omaha business is Total Construction Services.

Several years ago, Total Construction approached JM to design a new website – in an effort to have a more professional look and gain an edge over its competition. Since the website’s redesign, technology has changed, Google has placed new requirements in their algorithms and online marketing campaigns have shifted in focus. Total Construction has jumped on-board with again with JM to maximize the powerful tool they’ve been given in this custom website design.

Total Construction Website

Total Construction is updating their website backend to expand their ability to control website content in-house. With a robust WordPress content management system (CMS) Total Construction will have control over their website content and will have access to powerful tools to assist in their site’s SEO value. Our website development team will also be updating this site to use responsive technology. With Google’s latest algorithm change, websites that are not responsive (tablet and mobile-friendly) will be pushed down in Google searches on mobile and tablet devices.

Additionally, Total Construction is utilizing JM’s online marketing services, through which they will be taking advantage of our content writing services, Google Remarketing campaigns and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

We’re excited about the continue partnership with Total Construction. Contact us to find out how our website design and development team can assist with updating your website to be more successful in the search engines.

Omaha Promos – Seeking Search Engine Success

Omaha Promos has been a long-time foundational business in the Omaha-metro, and long-time clients and friends of JM. JM built a new custom website design and blog for Omaha Promos years ago and they have since used this powerful tool to help reach customers in an online market place.

Our custom website design was part of a rebranding effort for Omaha Promos, as the company moved into a new generation of leadership. This rebranding effort sought to reach more businesses in the Omaha area, and to show their professionalism and care when it comes to serving customers.

Since launching this new website several years ago, Omaha Promos has used their powerful WordPress blog to increase their website’s search engine optimization value (SEO) and consistently populates their blog with relevant, keyword-heavy content. They have also continued their partnership with JM by taking advantage of our SEO services – which helps narrow down keywords, implements them into several areas on their website and tracks progress on Google and other search engines.

JM has utilized Omaha Promos’ services in the past – where they’ve made professional, branded t-shirts for our team and glasses with our logo for marketing purposes. The quality of their products and services were excellent, and our team is proud to have a partnership with a company of such excellent caliber.

omaha promos website


Urgent Google Algorithm Change

responsive design graphic

Google recently announced an algorithm change that will affect ALL websites starting April 21.

This major announcement means if your website is not responsive or “mobile friendly,” Google will begin to downgrade your website in the search results for users on mobile phones and tablets. This change is in an effort to offer mobile/tablet users a more enjoyable browsing experience, while encouraging the millions of websites on the Internet to join this effort.

It’s critical to take quick action in making your website responsive, ensuring that your business can be found by mobile and tablet users. Please call us at 402.292.7500 ext. 102, or email us at for more information about how your business can be found in Google on mobile and tablet devices.

Want to learn more about responsive design technology? Click here.

Partnering Your Email Marketing Campaign and Your Website


Many of our Omaha web design clients communicate to customers and prospects through some form of email marketing. Whether in an effort to notify people of current news or happenings, or to market a new product or service, email marketing campaigns can be very useful when trying to achieve mass communication and can assist in efforts to direct prospects and customers to a company website.

Many companies lack a database of email addresses; but this can be easily achieved by gathering them through a company website. It is an easy way for clients and prospects to opt-in to receiving a company’s email communication.

A website can also come in handy as a supplement to an email marketing campaign. The email can have a link to a company’s website, directing prospects to a page specifically designated toward learning more about the email’s contents. Also, by tracking through Google Analytics, companies can see the success of this specific page – noting how many visitors there were and how long they stayed on the page.

Websites and email campaigns can be perfect companions in gaining new customers and educating current customers. Let us know if your Omaha business is looking to execute an email campaign so we can equip your website to help.

Branding Consistency in Website Design

The golden arches are recognized by consumers of all demographics. I am, of course, talking about the golden arches of McDonalds – a company whose branding has been so consistent and brilliant that a simple ‘m’ can cause our taste buds to travel back in time to our 5 year-old self, eating a happy meal.

Branding. It’s key to the longevity and success of any company. And while its importance is understood and its consistency has proven time and time again to bring profitability, many Omaha companies come to JM little-to-no branding – and rarely with consistency.

Web Design is a small, but integral, part of a company’s branding effort. Starting with a logo and other graphic design pieces, any company can portray their culture and mission through design. Using consistent colors, fonts and design elements can create consistency in a brand and top-of-mind recognition among consumers – just like the golden arches.

superior-flyer superior-home

Above left: Example of a brochure for Superior Metal Inc. About right: Website redesign based off their branding and marketing materials.