I recently returned from a trip to Long Island, NY, where I grew up. If you’ve ever been to New York you’ve experienced the mind-numbing frustration that is New York City traffic.

It took us over an hour to go five blocks in Manhattan, after we made a wrong turn coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel – we will never make that mistake again. In hindsight, the city could have planned for traffic better by building bigger roads, if the cab drivers weren’t so dangerous traffic might go smoother and if the “Salute to Israel Day Parade” wasn’t going through the heart of Manhattan it could have cut 30 minutes off my drive.

This made me consider how often people feel frustrated, defeated and discouraged because they could have planned better. Their lives and business are disorganized because they made a wrong turn or someone else gets in the way.

Perhaps these people need a better approach to organization?

Organization is hard when our society demands instant gratification – a fast-paced world where people are stuck in a traffic jam of their own mistakes and defeats. Owners of small businesses, in particular, often feel like they are working hard but aren’t seeing the kind of ROI they hoped for.

We see it sometimes with our clients, where the small business owner takes on huge responsibilities and can’t see how they can run their business, take charge of their Web site, do the finances and blog! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. As a small business ourselves, we try to prioritize and delegate responsibilities. We are smart enough to know when our time is best spent elsewhere and outsourcing is just the most viable option.

So take it from a small business – develop a plan, maybe go through coaching to create a plan that’s effective. Use this plan to succeed. Don’t sit in the traffic created by your own stress. While money may seem tight and resources may be few, a relaxed and confident small business owner is most productive when they have organization in their lives.