A company’s best advertisement is its people.

Think about it – everywhere we go, people ask us what we do – normally they are referring to our line of work. I tell people, “I work at JM Web Designs; it’s a web design company in downtown Omaha.”

Normally, this statement is followed up by, “so do you like working there?”

I, of course, follow it up with an enthusiastic “YES, because…”

People want to do business with a company who has happy, enthusiastic and hard working employees. And if you happen to own or work for one of those companies – capitalize on that. How about making a viral campaign out of it?

Many companies encourage their employees to use a social media outlet to market themselves personally and the service of the company. Over 50% of small to medium businesses have at least 4 active social media profiles, according to HootSuite’s Social Barometer 2018 report. I can almost guarantee that most companies have at least one RESPONSIBLE employee would be thrilled to Facebook for the team.

Facebook also tracks companies throughout its network; meaning, that each time a Facebook user mentions the name of a company it posts to the company’s wall. So, encourage your employees to Facebook, or even Twitter, about their personal day at work.

Many companies probably have numerous employees who like to spend time on Facebook or Twitter. Social media – whether through outposts and blogs – could be something your happy employees would be glad to use to toot your horn throughout the World Wide Web.