Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, released early copies of his new book Delivering Happiness, A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose to select bloggers – myself included.  The book was officially released to the public on Monday, June 7, but I had the entire week to release an honest review of this book.

So, honestly… read this book! It is not just for CEO’s, or entrepreneurs, or owners on a path to profits. This book is for everyone who desires happiness in their life. Hsieh speaks through a personable and uncensored tone that conveys the happiness he feels, the importance he finds in the joy of others and the challenges he’s overcome to achieve true happiness.

I always knew Zappos was about promoting and enriching company culture. But until I read this book I was unaware of the magnitude of the culture’s importance within the employees in their job and their personal lives. What struck me the most was the training process new employees go through at Zappos before they can begin to do their job – I won’t give it away, you just have to read about it. And while Zappos is a large company, the stories of their consistent honesty and openness with their employees is unrivaled, I’m sure.

Hsieh brings up the fact that many companies say that their employees are their best asset, but how many people truly feel that way?

As a boss, if you were to get the true, anonymous opinions of your employees, how many people would say they truly feel happy and valued? If you are a boss or a CEO, do you do enough to ensure all your employees feel like they are important to the daily operations of your company?

As a CEO, are you willing to share the opinions employees have of your company with the media and the world? Do you challenge and educate each member of your team, no matter how big or small your company, in order to sustain each individual’s success?

The lessons and stories shared in this book can be applied in anyone’s business and personal life. Hsieh’s honesty about the struggles he endured to build something he truly believed in is very real for many people in this time of economic hardship.

It is difficult to put all my feelings about this book into words. I haven’t read a book I’ve enjoyed this much for a long time. I am inspired and renewed and believe anything is possible as long as you have passion.

Read this book and join people all over the world who have already committed to making a change for their lives and their businesses, to “deliver happiness” to everyone they come in contact with.