on-time seo optimization to help increase seo

Is Google finding your website?

Provide Google with information it needs to accurately and effectively rank your website among your competition with our one-time page optimization service.

Google seeks many requirements for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value; but among these are website tag titles and header tags.

Title tags are extremely critical in helping Google understand what a page is about and are also the first impression many people have of your page. Title tags are used in three key places, including search engine results pages, web browsers and social networks. Header tags are influential in SEO rankings, and can lead to ranking increases when used effectively. And while the use of header tags has changed over the last few years – causing some debate about it’s relevance for SEO, its purpose is not to be overlooked when optimizing a website for better search engine results.

JM’s one-time website SEO optimization includes a careful optimization of webpage title tags and header tags for each website page. Additionally, our internet marketing experts will craft a creative meta description for each page. A meta description is a 160 character snippet pulled in by the search engines to describe each page. Meta description tags are extremely important in gaining user click-through from search engine results pages.

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