JM Web Designs was recently published in the Omaha Chamber‘s 2009 “Extraordinary Opportunities” magazine, highlighting owner Jonathan Patton’s journey as its founder and the case study about JM published by Microsoft.  The magazine is sent out to companies around the world to show that Omaha is a great location to have a business.

Keep your eye out for the magazine (cover art below, courtesy of the Omaha Chamber), as it is mailed out to every chamber member.  JM’s story is on page 69, as part of a focus on entrepreneurship in the Omaha area.
Thank you, Omaha Chamber for using JM to help tell the story of Omaha’s success even in these hard times, and thank you to all our friends and clients who have personally helped to JM as good as it is today.
If there is any way we can help to put   YOU | ONLINE, just let us know!

Omaha Chamber of Commerce