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Cornhusker football season has arrived! And because we love the celebration of all-things red (though our blood runs blue), tailgating and touchdowns, our team wants to celebrate each anticipated Husker victory by giving back to a valuable Omaha organization who supports creative thought-processes and technological advancement.

For each Cornhusker victory for the 2016 season, JM will donate $100 toward a scholarship to support a third-year student at the Creative Center in Omaha. Students will apply for this scholarship by creating and submitting a personal website for JM’s CEO and Creative Director to judge.

JM has hired and consulted with many talented graduates of the Creative Center, college of art & design. The valuable training and education they provide is a gift to our community and to the creative industries of Omaha. So cheers to many Cornhusker victories in this 2016 season and a large reward for a creative mind!

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