Wine ages with a refined dignity that is similar to the blooming of wisdom that comes upon a person as they grow in years. At JM Web Designs, we believe that a company’s age is a testament to its stability, reputation, and prowess as a business. That aging process is often accompanied with a change in appearance as a natural showing of the inward growth of that person. JM is excited that with the launching of our new design and web site, we are launching into a new era of our business.

Since JM’s inception in late 1998, the company has seen the boom and bust, multiple recessions and our nation fight through unspeakable tragedy. We are honored to be a part of this country at this point in time – and look to a bright future ahead as we continue to seek what is right and what is best for our clients. We know that the only way we can succeed in the long term is if our clients succeed.

We are on a journey into the future, side by side with all of our friends; though we are unsure of what the future will bring, we are excited by the endless possibilities ahead. Join us on this journey to experience the promise, excitement, and success only the future can bring!

JM Web Designs old and new logos

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