Recently, JM chose to have themselves mystery shopped in an effort to ensure our processes and check to see if we are giving the best service in the area.  We would like to thank Cory Jensen, owner of I-Spy Mystery Shoppers, as well as the mystery shoppers for their effort and timely responses.

Part of our report from I-Spy was a personal testimonal from the individual who shopped us.  This person’s comments copied below verbatim, except the proper names have been taken out to ensure privacy.  This was both an encouraging and humbling experience, as we were reminded as a company that each person, no matter how large or small their needs may be, are extremely important.  Thanks again, mystery shopper – we hope that your experience is the same as everyone else who works with JM.

“In terms of timeliness, JM beat the pants off all the others. JM was the first to call me back, they were the first to invite me in for a visit (they actually invited me in for a visit!), they were the first to draw up and actually deliver a proposal, they kept in touch with me regularly, they called me when they said they would, and they followed up. No one else even came close. I’m now working on my 2nd firm that won’t even return my initial phone call. Two other firms told me that they didn’t want my business, even if those reasons were seemingly in my best interest. With another firm, my on site visit was about 10 minutes (hi, here’s our bid, have a nice day). That’s 5 of 6 competitors shopped that did things that would have driven away my business. Only one other came close in terms of service, and that interaction had problems when you consider that we never interacted in person. It was all email with them.”

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