JM Web Designs is honored to be a major part of the 2009 Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival.  The music is amazing and brings a joy and liveliness that matches perfectly with our beautiful city.  This is our second year as a sponsor of the event, and we could not be happier about this – we feel that the OJB Festival is vital to the city of Omaha – it encourages growth, activity, community, and economic stimulus to the local market.

Part of what is so exciting about being a part of it for a second year is the expanded opportunities we’ve had to create more interest and buzz through the social media outlets. Through a fan page on Facebook, hundreds of OBJ fans can talk about the event, share photos and videos, discuss plans to meet up together, and confirm their attendance at the concerts. “What’s great about this is that people become excited and are interacting with the event well before it happens – which means that they are building loyalty and long term care for it”, comments JM’s owner, Jonathan Patton.

Omaha Jazz and Blues on Facebook

We have also expanded the web site to include more information, goodies, and images than ever before, and our reach has not stopped there. This year, we are also designing the flyers and ad pieces that are promoting the event. Whether it is a postcard flyer or t-shirt, the powerful message of the OJB can go out to the masses in a consistent manner to ensure that all fans will know about and enjoy this festival.

Omaha Jazz and Blues shirt

Visit the 2009 Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival today, then follow the festival on Facebook – that is how we can make sure the fun never stops!

Omaha Jazz and Blues poster