With over 12 years in the IT field, Travis brings a vast knowledge base to JM. From over-the-phone troubleshooting to back-end server builds, Travis keeps JM’s internal team and JM’s clients’ Travis Beckman, Technical Supportwebsites and email running smoothly.

Before joining the JM team Travis worked for a larger corporation on internal IT matters. Now, Travis assists JM customers with email set-up and troubleshooting, along with his responsibilities of monitoring website security, hosting set-up and server works. He’s excited to continue learning and growing in the ever-changing field of IT .

Travis has spent most of his life in Omaha, but was born in Silverdale, WA. He comes from a large family of 7 siblings, and, when not working enjoys spending time with his long-time girlfriend, Milly. Travis is also a collector of comics (with over 11,000 comics), a lover of vintage video games (of which he also has a large collection), and a star-gazer hobbyist.