JM Web Designs is honored to be written about by the Nebraska Department of Education. They first heard about JM at the 2009 MarketPlace Conference in North Platte, of which Jonathan Patton was the keynote speaker. Shortly afterward, both Phil and Jonathan were interviewed by Gregg Christensen (Education Specialist) and we now enjoy a great relationship with both him and the Ed. Department.

“Each issue of Nebraska Entrepreneurship News is in PDF format and focuses on entrepreneurship trends, entrepreneurship education resources, and monthly Targeted Teaching Topics (ready-to-use teaching resources). Issues don’t just focus on Nebraska topics, but on a wide range of information of value to entrepreneurship educators, prospective entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship students. Your contributions of articles and photos are welcomed!  And, please share the listserv, web site, and newsletter information with your colleagues and others.” (From the Nebraska Ed. Department web site.)

Thank you to Gregg and the entire staff at the Nebraska Department of Education for this wonderful opportunity!

Follow the links below to either read the full newsletter online on their web site or download the article about JM.

Nebraska Entrepreneurship News