Previously, we published an article here on our blog about responsive design. If you haven’t read it, please do, as it discusses what responsive design is and why it’s important. There may, however, be some confusion about the difference between mobile websites and websites utilizing responsive design.

First, we’ll do a quick recap of responsive design. A responsive design website is a single design that adjusts based on the resolution of the device in which you are using to view the site. When viewing the site across a desktop, tablet or mobile device you will see the same elements, but reorganized and resized to show the cleanest, most user- friendly version of the site for that device.


A mobile website is created in addition to the desktop website version. The site will have limited content and images – typically only what’s absolutely necessary for a user on the go – and eliminates other common desktop features. Mobile websites will also have a link to the full website, in case the user needs more information.


Both responsive design and mobile websites take time and planning. Our Omaha design and development team work together to ensure that each page is planned for the best user experience – for both types of websites. Just as with any custom design, the cost is completely customized to your needs and your website.

For our Omaha customers, we are recommending responsive design over mobile websites. This solution is the best way to ensure that users are getting the information they need while having the best possible experience. A responsive design is able to grow with changing technology and grow with your business. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective long-term solution for your website and we’d love to have the opportunity to discuss this possibility for you and your business.

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