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PrintWorks Screenprinting has only has its new web site up for around six weeks and owner Scott Koch has already seen huge results!

According to Koch, the web site JM created has generated enough business in just six weeks to pay back half the cost of the site. Through the “Request a Quote” form on the PrintWorks site, Koch has already received five new orders generating over $3,000 in sales.

“I’m pretty much lovin’ it,” says Koch.

PrintWorks is using new technology to generate business, save time and make more money. The new web site is interactive and allows potential customers to search thousands of products by just clicking. Koch says that because customers are now able to choose their items quickly and easily, he can spend more time focusing on effective and efficient production while still offering excellent customer service.

Through looking at the results from the last six weeks, Koch is expecting a 10 percent growth in the next six months, if business stays consistent.

“[The web site] works,” Koch says. “Once people go to it, it works!”

Printworks Screenprinting

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