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So What? I Enjoy Hitting Myself on the Head with a Hammer!

As much as I would enjoy writing another column focused on undergarments, there is only so much material I can cover. Underwear, as one might say, is only part of the outfit. The question is, do you dress yourself, or does someone else pick out your clothes for you?


Meet Julie May and Hear Her Thoughts About JM Web Designs

Julie May is a successful real estate agent for Prudential Ambassador Real Estate in Omaha.  She has been a client of JM’s since late 2008, and it has been a privilage to watch her success grow through a very tough economic recession.


From the Desk of the Marketing/Sales Vice President – Why We Blog

The effort and focus of JM Web Designs is to be the endless resource for you and your small business.  To that end, we work everyday to provide excellent customer service, quality workmanship, and professional results.