JM Changes Office Location

JM is excited to announce that we’ve recently moved locations. For those of you who visited the JM office in the past, you will notice we are in the same building downtown on 19th, but in a different office space. The new address is 300 S 19th St. Ste. 304.

Our new space needs some TLC, so our team is in the process of painting and cleaning. But, it’s business as usual at JM, so feel free to stop by and see our new space.

Visit our Facebook page to see the office makeover progress.

JM Web Designs Goes Green with New Office

JM is proud to announce that our move into the new office is final and official!  One of the things that excite us most about the new office is our opportunity to go GREEN.  Some of our eco-friendly upgrades include new, energy efficient furnace/air conditioning system, bamboo flooring, energy saving lighting system, and water savers.


JM Expands Office and Staff to Best Serve Growing Client Base

Though many businesses are forced to do otherwise, JM Web Designs is expanding its operations, as it has seen significant growth through this recession era.  Brought on by a shift in traditional marketing paradigms, JM has benefited from a massive migration from traditional advertising to the internet, fueled by the ability to track all marketing efforts with hard, reliable data.


JM Web Designs Celebrates 10 Years Serving Omaha

Wine ages with a refined dignity that is similar to the blooming of wisdom that comes upon a person as they grow in years. At JM Web Designs, we believe that a company’s age is a testament to its stability, reputation, and prowess as a business. That aging process is often accompanied with a change in appearance as a natural showing of the inward growth of that person. JM is excited that with the launching of our new design and web site, we are launching into a new era of our business.

Since JM’s inception in late 1998, the company has seen the boom and bust, multiple recessions and our nation fight through unspeakable tragedy. We are honored to be a part of this country at this point in time – and look to a bright future ahead as we continue to seek what is right and what is best for our clients. We know that the only way we can succeed in the long term is if our clients succeed.

We are on a journey into the future, side by side with all of our friends; though we are unsure of what the future will bring, we are excited by the endless possibilities ahead. Join us on this journey to experience the promise, excitement, and success only the future can bring!

JM Web Designs old and new logos