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JM Web Designs Partners with the Nebraska Film Association to Bring More Movies to Nebraska

JM is excited to announce that we are starting a web site project with the Nebraska Film Association [NFA] – an organized group of arts supporters, business leaders, specialized workers in the film industry, independent skilled professionals and others working to promote incentives for the film industry in Nebraska, thus bringing more money into the state – that will help to promote the group and their cause.


JM Web Designs Partners with the Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival for Second Year

JM Web Designs is honored to be a major part of the 2009 Omaha Jazz and Blues Festival.  The music is amazing and brings a joy and liveliness that matches perfectly with our beautiful city.  This is our second year as a sponsor of the event, and we could not be happier about this – we feel that the OJB Festival is vital to the city of Omaha – it encourages growth, activity, community, and economic stimulus to the local market.


JM Web Designs Creates Strategic Partnership with Strictly Business Magazine

JM works hard to bring success to our clients not only in web design, but also through a multitude of other services.  One such area is our Strategic Marketing service. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people, but we can bring all people together. In this case, Strictly Business provides the invaluable service of magazine advertising to a high volume business person readership.