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JM Web Designs’ President Asked to Serve on Board for Iowa School Programming

JM Web Designs’s President and Creative Director, John Campisi, is now serving on the business/marketing curriculum advisory committee for Area Education Agency 13 (AEA 13).  The committee is serving 31 high schools in Southwest Iowa and Campisi’s involvement, along with other local business leaders, is making it possible for the school to receive grant money.


Nebraska Film Association Honors JM Web Designs at Launch Party

Earlier this evening, I attended the Nebraska Film Association’s [NFA] Launch Party, celebrating their efforts to finalize their bill and get it to the Nebraska Legislature.  I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised to find out that they made honoring JM part of their evening.


JM Founder Jonathan Patton Recognized by Giving Speech to Tomorrow’s Leaders

JM founder, Jonathan Patton, was recently invited to the Student Career Expo at the Mid America Center. It was the 3rd annual expo, and he spoke on entrepreneurialism and job opportunities in the Information Technology industry.

Here are some of Jonathan’s thoughts:

“It went very well actually. I’m exhausted though. It was four back to back presentations (with 5 minute breaks in between) and I’ve been up since 2:00am, since I wasn’t able to sleep due to being nervous (like I always do when speaking). I introduced myself to 400+ kids and then had about an attendance of 30-40 kids each session.  I thought the presentations I did went well.”


JM Published in Omaha Chamber of Commerce Magazine Thanks to Microsoft Case Study

JM Web Designs was recently published in the Omaha Chamber‘s 2009 “Extraordinary Opportunities” magazine, highlighting owner Jonathan Patton’s journey as its founder and the case study about JM published by Microsoft.  The magazine is sent out to companies around the world to show that Omaha is a great location to have a business.


JM Web Designs’ Marketing Director Appointed President of Local BNI Chapter

Phil Stalnaker was recently appointed as President of his local Business Networking International [BNI] Chapter, Network Connections.  Since joining the chapter in October of 2008, he has shown advanced leadership through superior performance, high commitment to attendance, and a marked desire to go above and beyond his expectations.


JM Web Designs Mystery Shopped by I-Spy Mystery Shoppers

Recently, JM chose to have themselves mystery shopped in an effort to ensure our processes and check to see if we are giving the best service in the area.  We would like to thank Cory Jensen, owner of I-Spy Mystery Shoppers, as well as the mystery shoppers for their effort and timely responses.


Omaha’s Best Dressed Nominee | Phil Stalnaker

Though he is marketing director for JM Web Designs, Phil Stalnaker wears many hats.  His roles include networking, business development, human resources, marketing, and sales.  He believes this is only possible by having such a great team of people around him, not only at JM, but also around Omaha through the numerous networking groups with which he is involved.  He earned a Masters’ Degree in 2007 in Business Management and has been given leadership positions in the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, his BNI Chapter, and the Sarpy Chamber of Commerce.


JM Web Designs’ Marketing Director named to Sarpy Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing Committee

Phil Stalnaker is honored to receive recognition from the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce as the newest member of their marketing committee.  With over seven years of experience in the marketing field and a specialty in social networking strategies, he will bring a fresh set of ideas to the Chamber.


Nebraska Department of Education Highlights JM Web Designs’ Entrepreneurial Drive

JM Web Designs is honored to be written about by the Nebraska Department of Education. They first heard about JM at the 2009 MarketPlace Conference in North Platte, of which Jonathan Patton was the keynote speaker. Shortly afterward, both Phil and Jonathan were interviewed by Gregg Christensen (Education Specialist) and we now enjoy a great relationship with both him and the Ed. Department.