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New Website Launch: Whelan Brothers

Whelan Brothers, LLC, has been serving the Omaha-metro with lawn, landscaping and snow services since 2006. With no website, this lawncare company had no online presence – missing out on many potential customers.

Partnering with our Omaha web design team, Whelan Brothers has a new website which features their services and work. This new website is a prebuilt WordPress template, customized to showcase Whelan Brothers brand and services. It also uses responsive technology, and is mobile-friendly – offering a better user experience for mobile and tablet users.

Our Omaha web design team wishes Whelan Brothers great success with their new website!

View Whelan Brothers Website


New Website Launch: Zephyr Catering Omaha

Zephyr Catering Omaha is committed to exceptional quality. From planning to prep to food to clean-up, Zephry Catering is focused on the details. A polished and professional website is no exception to its detail-oriented commitment.

In partnership with our Omaha web design team, Zephyr Catering recently launched a new website featuring its food, services and chef. This new website is a pre-built WordPress template customized to fit Zephyr Catering’s brand and needs. The WordPress content management system allows for easy content and image updates, particularly important with changing and growing menu options. It’ also mobile-friendly, as it uses responsive technology.

Building a website that reflects Zephyr’s excellence and commitment was a pleasure. We wish them great success with the new website and know it will serve them well for many years to come.

View Zephyr Catering Website

New Website Launch: Host Coffee

Host Coffee in Omaha is a long-time provider of coffee, water, and – most recently – vending machines and micromarkets in the Omaha-metro. And as a staple in their industry, Host Coffee needed a new website that displayed, in both design and content, their services and

Our Omaha web design team customized a pre-built WordPress template to fit their needs. This WordPress Content Management System (CMS) provides Host Coffee the ability to update their own website content and images, and utilizes responsive technology – providing a mobile-friendly website for an ever-growing mobile browsing population.

We’re thankful to work with a trusted company like Host Coffee and are excited for continued partnership as their grow and see success.

Visit Host Coffee

Host Coffee Screenshot

New Website Launch: CASA for Douglas County

CASA For Douglas County

CASA for Douglas County is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports volunteers to represent the best interests of victims of child abuse, neglect, and severe domestic conflict. Our Omaha web design team partnered with CASA to provide them with an updated website to build credibility and gain support.


Online Calendars for Keeping Customers Informed

Many of our latest website projects include online calendars built into and managed through a content management system. Websites should be a source of information regarding one’s business, products and services – and all the day-to-day activities or sales that surround it. There’s no easier way to do this than to integrate calendar onto a website.

At JM, our website developers provide Omaha businesses with customized online calendars. This ranges from completely custom online calendars to pre-built WordPress plugins customized to a business’ needs. Here are a few reasons why some of our Omaha clients integrate calendars into their website:

  • To feature sales on an ecommerce website
  • To feature in-store sales
  • To feature upcoming sporting events, shows, meetings
  • For online registration, through which users can sign up and pay for events
  • For reservations
A front-end view of a customized WordPress calendar for Spikers Volleyball.
A front-end view of a customized WordPress calendar for Spikers Volleyball.

There are many reasons why a business would need an online calendar. With the increasing amount of people seeking information on-the-go through websites, it’s important that businesses keep their website accessible and updated with the latest information regarding events and sales. This on-going and affordable way to keep communication between businesses and customers/prospects is what allows businesses to be successful and thriving online and in-store.


WordPress 3.8 at a Glance

If you are a current client of JM Web Designs and have a WordPress blog or full content management system on your website, you’ve most likely seen a message at the very top of your browser when logging into your WordPress Dashboard. It’s something like:

WordPress 3.8 is available! Upgrade today for only $149 and be protected against the latest website threats. E-mail us to upgrade.

WordPress is consistently upgrading their system in order to provide a better user experience, a better developer experience and more effective security measures to protect against threats to your website. It’s always good to speak with one of us at JM to find out the benefits of the latest WordPress version, but WordPress 3.8, also known as “Parker,” is worthy of looking into. We encourage you to watch the video on the WordPress site to get the full effect.


There are a couple things we love about this new version of WordPress. First, it’s by far the most aesthetically pleasing version of WordPress we’ve seen. From the admin perspective, the new dashboard has modern typography, a clean layout and the ability to customize your colors. As web designers we certainly appreciate this fresh new look.

The other aspect of WordPress 3.8 that we love is its responsive feature. If you have previously attempted to update your website through the WordPress admin on tablet or mobile devices you will know it was no easy feat! Now – with this latest version – the dashboard will respond to your browser size to allow for a clean and easy way to update your website on any device. Our design team can also help you create a more user friendly experience for your visitors on the front end of your website through responsive design.

Our Omaha web design team would love to speak with you about WordPress 3.8 and are, of course, always willing to help you assess any new version of WordPress as it’s released. Be sure to take a look at version 3.8 to get idea of how it will help your Omaha business be more effective, efficient and safer with website updates.


New Website Launch: Omaha Track and Omaha Track Equipment


JM’s long-time client, Omaha Track, recently decided to undergo some cosmetic and functionality changes on their websites. Omaha Track has several divisions in their company, serving many aspects of the railroad industry since 1983. Years ago, our Omaha web design team built a few different websites for their company’s divisions, but as they’ve grown and changed, a redesign became necessary.


New Lautner Farms Website Helps Company Gain National Recognition

Our web design and development team at JM likes to collaborate with other professionals in the Omaha or Iowa area whenever possible. Recently, we assisted Lautner Farms in Adel, IA, develop a new website to advertise their cows and update customers and prospects on new activity in their business.

Stephanie Steck, a business consultant in the Iowa area, contacted JM to assist in the website development for this project. Our web developers took the design provided by Stephanie and wrapped it around a WordPress content management system (CMS). This CMS allows for Lautner Farms to keep a well-updated blog and control all the content and images across the site. The WordPress CMS is also well known for assisting websites with search engine optimization (SEO) value and organic search rankings.

Lautner Farms Fluffy Cow. Photo by Lautner Farms

Lautner Farms has gained great publicity since the launch of this website, thanks to great SEO. Lautner Farms is known, in addition to many other things, for their fluffy cows. The [adorable] fluffy cow posted on their website went viral and it now being hashtagged and tweeted around the world. In addition, many local and national news outlets have picked up the image and story of the fluffy cow. Check it out:

We are thrilled this new website is bringing business and publicity to Lautner Farms and look forward to a continued partnership.

Keeping Your Website Updated

A website is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can have. The key to producing results with a website is to USE IT. So how can you use your website; transforming it into a prospect producing, sales driven marketing machine?

The best way to attract prospects and drive sales and service through a website is to keep cms-wysiwygit updated. There are the obvious items, which include updating service and products as they change, updating employees as they come and go and updating website images (especially on the homepage) for a change of scenery. Content management systems (CMS) make website updates incredibly easy and user friendly. Text and images on a website can be swapped out in a matter of minutes with this powerful tool. Today, we rarely build a site without a CMS because our web design clients want the ease of updating the website themselves.

One area that is often forgotten on a website (which is often the most important) is the blog. Blogs serve multiple purposes. The first is to keep customers and prospects updated on your company, on your industry and to provide education to the consumer. If a website never changes or has new content, why would a user return? Think about the perception of your company a prospect will have if they see your last blog article was posted 2 years ago.

The second purpose of a blog is to gain organic search engine optimization (SEO). At JM, blog-categories-tagswe utilize WordPress for our CMS, which includes blog integration. The WordPress system is not only easy to update, but is also equipped with powerful SEO tools for success in the search engines. When posting a blog you can integrate search keywords into the posts, categories and tags to create a more powerful keyword presence. The key to this is posting consistently!

If you are not able to manage your own website content, you are missing out of a powerful marketing tool. If you can update your website, but do not have the time, we would highly encourage you to hire someone to update it for you. At JM we offer blog writing services, website copywriting services and SEO packages for both local Omaha businesses and national companies to help keep your website updated and search engine friendly.

New Website Launch: Omaha Beer Fest



JM has been working with Urban Events, Inc., for several years – partnering with Founder Jen Kocher to provide branding materials and websites for its events. Recently, JM launched a brand new website for one of Kocher’s events – the Omaha Beer Festival.