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JM Supports Nebraska Veterans with Free Web Services

Each year JM provides a free service for two local events or causes, in an effort to the support community and give back to the citizens of Omaha and state of Nebraska for all it has given to us.


Encouraging Employees to use Social Media on Company Time

A company’s best advertisement is its people.

Think about it – everywhere we go, people ask us what we do – normally they are referring to our line of work. I tell people, “I work at JM Web Designs; it’s a web design company in downtown Omaha.”


What’s the Difference Between Underwear and a Website?

With such an obviously sensationalistic title as that, I better quickly give you a reason not to hate me and send threatening letters to my boss. Though it may not seem like it, there is definitely a method to my madness.  In my ever creative mind – which is a place that would make Stephen King an author for children’s books – I wanted to parley the importance of a website to your company’s credibility while at the same time not boring you to the point of squirting the toothpaste sitting in your medicine cabinet all over your face in an attempt to go blind.


JM Web Designs Joins with Strictly Business to Provide Interactive Capabilities for the Yearly Best Dressed Contest

JM Web Designs is proud to partner with the Strictly Business professionals in this latest endeavor.  Your new home for all the talk of the Best Dressed Contest is right here!