New Website Launch: Whelan Brothers

Whelan Brothers, LLC, has been serving the Omaha-metro with lawn, landscaping and snow services since 2006. With no website, this lawncare company had no online presence – missing out on many potential customers.

Partnering with our Omaha web design team, Whelan Brothers has a new website which features their services and work. This new website is a prebuilt WordPress template, customized to showcase Whelan Brothers brand and services. It also uses responsive technology, and is mobile-friendly – offering a better user experience for mobile and tablet users.

Our Omaha web design team wishes Whelan Brothers great success with their new website!

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New Website Launch: Stacey Dental

Stacey Dental serves the greater Omaha area with caring, professional family dental services. With so many choices for family dentistry, Stacey Dental needed an online presence to capture potential customers.

Our Omaha web design team built this website on a pre-built WordPress template. Customized to fit their needs, this Content Management System (CMS) allows for easy content and image updates. Also, this new website is seen by Google as mobile-friendly, as it includes responsive technology. This website is also meeting Google SEO requirements through our one-time SEO optimization, with each web page appropriately tagged with keywords.

We’re always grateful when businesses trust our Omaha web design team to design a critical marketing piece, like a website. We wish Stacey Dental great success with its new website.

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New Website Launch: Lift-Crane Service in Omaha

Lift-Crane Service in Omaha has been providing crane services, equipment rentals, consultation and crane accessories for over 40 years. Partnering with our web design Omaha team, Lift-All Crane Service needed a website to accurately reflect its brand and provide information to potential customers.

A simple website, with 4 pages and a contact form, this website is intended to provide basic information about services and experience. Originally a pre-built WordPress template with mobile-friendly technology, this website was an affordable way for Lift-All Crane Service to redesign their website meeting Google’s standards for a mobile-friendly website.

It’s our hope that Lift-All sees great success through this website redesign and continues to see growth in the Nebraska and Iowa marketplace.

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New Website Launch: Rob See Co

Rob-See-Co represents a commitment to innovation, relationships and knowledge. With roots that date back 125 in the seed industry, Rob-See-Co is innovative in both the technology it uses in the field and online.

With a growing need to serve their customers online in a more robust way, Rob-See-Co partnered with our Omaha web design and development firm to create a more interactive website. While this website is a customized pre-built WordPress content management system, the layouts are customized to fit Rob-See-Co’s needs. The team page is a customized layout, meant for easy contact. And its Find a Rep tool includes an interactive map, making it easy for users to make local connections for better service and relationships. The new website is also equipped with a secure portion that allows users access to an intranet system to view files and other industry-related information based on their user role.

Rob-See-Co’s new website provides a level of professionalism and is partnered with a user-friendly CMS. Meeting both the needs of customers and employee management, our Omaha web design team is pleased with the final product, and wishes Rob-See-Co great success as the website and company grow.

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rob see co website desktop view

New Website Launch: MOPOA

MOPOA homepage header screenshotMetropolitan Omaha Property Owners Association (MOPOA) needed a new website with a refreshed image and added functionality for members. After many years of using an old content management system and an outdated design, this new website offers professionalism, easy navigation and additional information for members.

MOPOA’s new website is built on a WordPress content management system. This pre-built template has been customized to fit MOPOA’s brand. Also, this template utilizes responsive technology and complies with Google’s mobile-friendly standards.

We’re thankful that MOPOA trusted our Omaha web design firm to provide them a new website and we look forward to seeing their future success.

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MOPOA Homepage full-screen screenshot

New Website Launch: Host Coffee

Host Coffee in Omaha is a long-time provider of coffee, water, and – most recently – vending machines and micromarkets in the Omaha-metro. And as a staple in their industry, Host Coffee needed a new website that displayed, in both design and content, their services and

Our Omaha web design team customized a pre-built WordPress template to fit their needs. This WordPress Content Management System (CMS) provides Host Coffee the ability to update their own website content and images, and utilizes responsive technology – providing a mobile-friendly website for an ever-growing mobile browsing population.

We’re thankful to work with a trusted company like Host Coffee and are excited for continued partnership as their grow and see success.

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Host Coffee Screenshot

New Website Launch: Allied Chiropractic

We are excited to announce the launch of a new website for Allied Chiropractic in Omaha. Dr’s Jonathan Seagren and Russ Uttecht came to JM after having a difficult experience with a template, out-of-the-box design and wanted a more unique and personalized website design.


Using Creativity in Website Errors

JM’s recently launched a new website and decided to take some extra creative liberty with a few items. One of which is the error 404 page. What’s an error 404? This is just a message letting the user know they were unable to communicate with the server. This can be caused by an incorrect URL, or a broken or out of date link.

Our creative mind, Dan Svoboda decided to add his own touch into our error 404 page to make it unique and fun. We’d love to know what you think!

Alliance Counseling Center Launches First Ever Website

Alliance Counseling Center in Omaha recently launched their first website! Partners, Mary Brendis, Kevin Cahill, Kathy Martin and Marie O’Rourke decided it was time to market their company on the Internet and invest in a new website.


Lewis & Clark Visitors Center New Interactive & Animated Website

At JM, we recently launched a new website for the Lewis & Clark Missouri River Basin Visitors Center in Nebraska City, Neb., that includes a custom website design, interactive flash, an e-commerce system, event calendar and blog.


Website Launch – JM Designs Launches New Website for School in the Bronx

The Bronx Academy of Letters in Bronx, NY, contacted us at JM to develop a new, polished site that would reflect their values, spirit of creativity and professionalism.


Website Launch – Business Navigational Solutions

JM recently launched a new website for a new company – Business Navigational Solutions (BNS). Owner, Christian Olson, is an Omaha native who decided to partner his passion for traveling with his business savvy in order to help close the cultural gap for businesses who are interested in marketing overseas.