After over 2 years of planning, the Omaha community now has a center that is designed to meet the full spectrum of needs athletes and active adults have in order to get healthy, stay healthy, and perform at their best in whatever the endeavor.

Athletes Training Center is an athletic health facility where clients can receive specialized rehabilitation as well as the most innovative, progressive athletic development program in the area. A new company to the Omaha Metro area, ATC is using JM Web Designs to not only create a web site that is attractive to their target consumer, but also to create efficiency and convenience for their staff.

Taking advantage of a full content management system, ATC is able to update any information on their web site with ease – as easy as using Microsoft Word – and see the web site update that new information instantly. This allows for continual activity on the site, making it a top qualifier for the search engine rankings.

JM’s greatest memory working on this project has to do with the relationship we’ve developed with Travis Manners, ATC’s Founder and President. His warm personality and drive to see and bring out the best in others makes him a great person to know, but it is his high qualifications in sports medicine and well-developed business acumen that give him a great shot at wide-range success.

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